2021 4-H Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

Please find here the forms for the 2021 4-H Holiday Wreath fundraiser. Hard copies will also be available at the Extension office, through your club leader, or by contacting Amber O’Rourke, PC4HWreathFundraiser@gmail.com.

Wreath Catalog

Wreath Envelope

Wreath Order Form (with pricing)

Direct Mail Wreath Catalog

If you decide to Direct Mail an order, you must obtain a hard copy of the special order form to do this. Each of these order forms has a unique order number that must be used when ordering. Again contact the Extension office, your club leader, or Amber O’Rourke, PC4HWreathFundraiser@gmail.com if you do not have this form.

Order deadline is Sunday, October 31. Wreath pick up is Friday, November 19 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. at the Porter County Fairgrounds.