4-H Autumn Photo Shoot

Due to the interest shown at the Porter County Fair, I will host an Autumn Photo Shoot for the first time.  Since we don’t know exactly when the fall colors will be at their best, I am setting the date for 9 am, October 23 at my house (3058 Sturdy Road, Valparaiso).

Attached is a help sheet on Autumn Photography with some sample photos.  Please read it and take a look at the photos.  If you have the time, start taking some photos on your own, then show them to me (or a junior leader) on your camera or phone when you come to the photo shoot.

If you wish to bring along a Halloween costume, or some corn stalks, etc. we will compose our photos with what I have and what you bring.  Should be fun.  Early “Trick or Treat” anyone?

Mrs. Hewlett

Photography Superintendent

Autumn Photo Shoot