Posters for Projects

While you are picking up your manuals, records sheets, and Handbooks, posters will also be available for purchase in our office. Poster and Sleeves White poster(only) $3.00 Large Sleeve(only) $0.75 White poster & sleeve combo $3.50 Black poster & sleeve combo $6.00 Small sleeve(salon) $0.25 We are not credit card capable. We only take cash … Continue reading Posters for Projects

2022 Porter County 4-H “Gold Sticker” Calendars 

The thirteenth Porter County 4-H Photography Calendar will be available in November.  You have the opportunity to support the Porter County 4-H program, recognize our outstanding 4-H photographers, and enjoy beautiful photographs throughout 2022 by purchasing one of our calendars for only $14. Calendar Order Forms can be mailed to Mrs. Hewlett, 3058 Sturdy Rd, … Continue reading 2022 Porter County 4-H “Gold Sticker” Calendars