Annual Enrollment of 4-H Volunteers

October 31st: Target Enrollment Date for Club Leaders & Project Superintendents
November 15th: Target Enrollment Date for all other adult 4-H Volunteers

Annual enrollment for members and volunteers opened via 4HOnline ( on October 1st. Throughout enrollment season we will update the following page on the blog with enrollment information: Please bookmark that page and share it broadly!

Target Enrollment Date for Adult Volunteers: We are asking that 4-H club leaders and project superintendents strive to complete their annual enrollment process by October 31st, 2021 and all other adult volunteers by November 15th, 2021. It is imperative that volunteers complete their annual screening process before they begin interacting with our youth members for the year. (Download a step-by-step guide to the 4HOnline enrollment process at

This year the 4HOnline enrollment process includes the following required training components totaling 52 minutes that can be completed all at one time or at different times. Indiana 4-H is an educational program, and it’s important that we adults also continue to educate ourselves and broaden our skills so that we are better prepared to work with youth.
1) Orientation to Indiana 4-H (~11 minutes)
2) Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response and Guidelines for Youth Safety and Working with Minors (~16 minutes)
3)Increasing Cultural Awareness and Equity in Extension Programs (~25 minutes) – this new training will be completed by all 4-H volunteers and 4-H Extension staff members to help us all better understand how we can work together effectively in an increasingly diverse culture.

We thank you for investing your time in the Indiana 4-H Program!

Interested in volunteering with us for the first time? Email 4-H Operations Manager Angel Leuck at to begin the volunteer application process.

A Message from Purdue Extension/Indiana 4-H

Our 4-H community must continue to be one of respect in which we can all live, learn, work, and grow together. Each of us, whether we are a volunteer or paid staff member, has an incredibly important role to play in the Indiana 4-H Program. You are here because you belong here, helping all of us to succeed. As an Indiana 4-H Program, we are committed to establishing an environment where all people can realize their highest aspirations. All of us have a responsibility to support one another in that commitment.

4-H members, their families, 4-H volunteers, and 4-H staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each of us has a unique life experience. Our program must be one where we embrace those differences by fostering an atmosphere where diverse opinions and differing ideas are not only allowed, but encouraged. We are determined that 4-H will be a place where the concerns sometimes voiced in our community related to intolerance an disrespect do not apply.

Let each of us take steps to ensure that each and every child and youth in our community has open access to the opportunities available through Indiana 4-H. Let each of us promote 4-H opportunities to our current participants and to those who might wish to participate with us in the future.

One step that each 4-H Volunteer and 4-H Extension Staff member will take this year is to complete a training titled, “Increasing Cultural Awareness and Equity in Extension Programs”. This training is designed to help us all better understand how we can work together effectively in an increasingly diverse culture.

As we continue with the 4-H Program year, we ask you to join us in embracing values we all hold true in 4-H – those of integrity, respect, honor, inclusion, innovation, and growth.