Center Wildcats April Meeting Minutes

We started off the April 4-H meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Skylar Ploehn and the 4-H pledge led by Olivia Olsen. This meeting, we handed out mentor cards, to 4-Hers who had done a certain project for a couple of years and could answer questions for people who were new to the project. We handed out other cards to new 4-Hers and they went around to all the mentors and got their contact information just in case they had any more questions about the project. During the last month we decorated 157 lunch bags for Meals on Wheels, 600 bookmarks and 170 stick puppets for the Valparaiso Library. We made 35 dozen peanut butter cookies for the Hospice Stroll and prepared a basket for the silent auction at the Hospice Stroll, we titled it “Tea Party with Grandma”. It includes a tea set, child-appropriate herbal tea, tea cookies and stuffed animals. At the March meeting we made 284 fleece dog toys for the animals  at Lakeshore Paws and the Porter County Animal Shelter.

Kailey Koch. reporter