2023 Buddy Program

Would you like to be paired with a 4-H mentor? Would you like to be a 4-H mentor?

The Junior Leaders’ 4-H Buddies Program is back with bigger plans for 2023! We will pair knowledgeable 4-Hers with 4-Hers of all age levels who could use some assistance navigating the often-confusing world of 4-H and the Porter County Fair!! 

Need a buddy? https://forms.gle/nhpMgS2AagnAmyDR6
Want to be a mentor? https://forms.gle/HB9cHQuAn8VB8uYJ9

Following are some key details:

  • We will pair mentors with 4-Hers who request a mentor. Members in grades K-12th are invited to request a mentor and members in 7th-12th who are in at least their fourth year in 4-H are invited to serve as mentors. (You do not need to be in Junior Leaders to serve as a mentor.)
  • Beginning in the spring, mentors will reach out to their buddy regularly, with weekly check-ins during summertime leading up to the fair. Mentors will check in with their buddies, ask them if they have questions, and make them feel welcome in the 4-H program.
  • As special events are planned for the program, mentors will make every effort to adjust their schedules to be there. (In 2021, the June Junior Leader meeting became a fun and games field day for the Buddies Program. Also in 2022 we had a get-together at the fair that included ice cream and barn tours!)
  • Mentors may be asked to help plan the special activities.
  • Potential mentors: Please do not sign up if you cannot promise to make your buddy a priority!

Potential mentors: Already mentoring a 4-Her either informally or through Mini 4-H Showmanship? Why not make it official and get invited to our fun events by signing both of you up for the 4-H Buddies program? The mentor form includes a place where you can name a buddy you’d like to be paired with, but make sure they fill out a form for us too (or you fill it out for them).

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