Center Wildcats 4-H Club Meeting Minutes

The past several months, Center Wildcats 4-H Club has been busy with community service activities. We donated $50 worth of cereal to Hilltop Food Pantry this month. Also we donated 10 pairs of gloves and 8 stocking caps, along with candy to the Hilltop House. In November and December we made 1,400 bookmarks for the library, delivered 37 soft stuffed animals, 22 blankets, and 117 Christmas cards to the residents of Brickyard Nursing Home. We sewed and delivered 10 more flannel pillowcases to pediatrics, decorated 35 meals on wheels lunch bags and donated 24 boxes of crayons to the YMCA After School Program. Finally, in the past two months we have made 99 placemats for the Hospice Center.

At the club’s January meeting, a demonstration was given by Gus Jendzio. Our Health report this month was “Washing Cloth Shopping Bags” given by Melina Wilson, and the Safety report was “What lurks in your medicine cabinet”, by Teddy Jendzio.

Kailey Koch, Reporter