4-H Club Leader Enrollment

Target Leader Enrollment Date: October 31st

Dear 4-H Club Leaders:

Enrollment for members and volunteers opened via 4HOnline (http://v2.4honline.com/) on October 1st. Please bookmark https://bit.ly/2023PorterCo4H. This blog page will be updated as needed with enrollment information throughout the enrollment season. Please share this web link with members and potential members!

We are asking all 4-H Club Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Club Helpers, etc. to complete the following by October 31st. All volunteer enrollments expired on September 30th and it is imperative that all volunteers re-enroll prior to interacting with 4-H members for the 2022-23 program year.

4HOnline Enrollment:

The enrollment process on 4HOnline at http://v2.4honline.com/ includes the following required training components totaling less than an hour that can be completed all at one time or at different times. Indiana 4-H is an educational program, and it’s important that we adults also continue to educate ourselves and broaden our skills so that we are better prepared to work with youth.

  • Welcome Video
  • Orientation to Indiana 4-H
  • Youth Safety & Reporting Child Abuse Training
  • Cultural Awareness –how we can work together effectively in an increasingly diverse culture.

Annual Club Leader Form:

The club leader form found at https://bit.ly/2023ClubInfoForm includes the following sections:

  • Club Leader Role Description: To be completed by all club leaders (primary leaders, assistants, helpers, etc.). By agreeing to the role description annually, you are reminded of your duties as a 4-H Club Leader.
  • Club Info Form: To be completed by one leader per club. List all your leaders’ names/emails, club meeting dates, 4-H Council Representatives, etc. Or, there is a place to upload a separate document that includes this information.
  • Year Pin Order: To be completed by one leader per club. Let us know an estimate of what you think you’ll be distributing… we can always get you more and you can always give back what you don’t need.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to 4-H Operations Manager Angel Leuck (amleuck@purdue.edu) or me (joangrott@purdue.edu).

Joan M. Grott
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development