COVID Protocols for In-Person Gatherings

UPDATED 12/08/2021: As of December 8th, 2021, the Indiana State Department of Health has upgraded Porter County to the RED COVID Advisory Level. Effective today, 12/08/21, masks will be required of everyone at 4-H events and when visiting any county-owned building. Additionally, three feet of social distance is recommended. Please review the information below for further details. Stay tuned to current Porter County Advisory Levels on the Porter County Health Department website here. (Note: Per ISDH Guidelines, to go to a lower Advisory Level, a county must remain at a lower Weekly Two-Metric Score for two consecutive weeks.)

The following protocols are in place for Porter County 4-H meetings, workshops, activities, and events and were developed after reviewing current State of Indiana, Porter County, and Purdue University guidance. The following protocols will take effect September 9th, 2021 and remain in place indefinitely.

  1. Maximum Attendance: At present time there is no longer a maximum attendance restriction.
  2. Social Distancing & Face Coverings: In alignment with Porter County government guidelines, the following will be effective immediately and be in place indefinitely for all Porter County 4-H meetings, workshops, activities, and events.
    1. Blue or Yellow Advisory Level: When county advisory level is Blue or Yellow:
      1. Masks are optional for fully vaccinated individuals (two weeks after the final dose in a vaccine series).
      2. Masks are highly recommended for unvaccinated individuals.
    2. Orange or Red* Advisory Level: When county advisory level is Orange or Red:
      1. Masks required of everyone at all times.
      2. At least three feet of social distance recommended.
      3. *Further restrictions may be implemented if Porter County reaches the Red Advisory Level.
    3. Venues used by 4-H groups may enforce stricter safety procedures than those listed above. In those cases, the venue’s procedures must be followed.

VOLUNTEERS: Safety Plan Information – UPDATED 09/09/2021
Safety Plans are required for all indoor events. Safety plans are no longer required for outdoor Extension/4-H events. If an event includes both indoor and outdoor activities, a safety plan is required for the parts of the event that are held indoors. Safety plans must be submitted by the 4-H Educator and approved at least three weeks prior to the gathering.

To complete your safety plan, please provide the following information to Joan via email at

  1. Event Name
  2. Location/Venue
  3. Date(s) of Event (If multiple meetings/workshops will have the same safety protocols, they can be included on one safety plan.)
  4. Time of Event
  5. Number of Anticipated Attendees
  6. Purpose of Event
  7. How will you communicate safety protocols to attendees?

    The following questions require a yes or no response. If the response is no, include an explanation:
  1. Will masks be available to those that request one?
  2. Will hand sanitizer be available for attendees?
  3. Will tables/chairs be disinfected before the event?
  4. Will sanitizer be available for interactive elements (computers, A/V equipment, etc.)?
  5. Will you encourage social distancing in the announcements and/or welcome message?
  6. Will you remind people that they need to follow federal, state, and local health guidelines?
  7. Will you be collecting registration/attendance for the event?
  8. Do you have a procedure if staff or attendees display symptoms of COVID-19 at the event?

The following questions require a response of yes, no, or not applicable. If the response is no, include an explanation:

  1. Is food individually wrapped for distribution?
  2. Is food distribution designed to limit the sharing of utensils?
  3. Will individuals serving food  be wearing both a face mask and disposable gloves?
  4. If you are transporting people, will occupancy be less than 50% of capacity?