Porter County 4-H Council Meetings

Due to lack of agenda items, there will be no May 4-H Council Meeting. An update from the Executive Committee will be emailed to members and posted on the blog soon. Following are the minutes from the March meeting.

  • MARCH 16, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Julia Waltz

In attendance In Person were Joan Grott, Ryan Wilson, Jeff Russell, Sandi Russell, Meagan Ferguson, Elodie Spears, Audrey Ferguson, Amy Russell, Justin Higer, Ethan Lucas, Ben Wilson, Danielle Wilson and Bentley Wilson.  In Zoom we had Julia Waltz, Rachel Jackson, Lisa Teal, Judith Jackson, Jeaninne Stueber, Ryen Schilmiller, Teddy Hough, Cinda Hough, and Brooke Sauter.  Guest Speaker was Greg Farrell CEO of Farrell Wealth.

The Pledges were done by Julia Waltz American Pledge and Elodie Spears 4-H Pledge.

Agenda was approved with a motion by Lisa Teal with Rachel Jackson to second the motion.  MOTION PASSED

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.  Jeff Russell made the motion to accept the minutes and Ryan Wilson seconded the motion.    MOTION PASSED

Mr. Greg Farrell, CEO of Farrell Wealth, then spoke to all present and on ZOOM about how he takes the Council Money which he invest and it is making us a profit

Sandi Russell, Council Secretary gave the Secretary Report.  The Secretary Report was then approved by Sandi Russell and Teddy Hough seconded the motion,  MOTION PASSED

Extension Reports-Junior Leaders-Had their meeting last night.  Joan reported they had sign ups.  Ag Society-Their Executive Board had a Meet and Greet with our Council Executive Board on February 11, 2021.  We talked about how the two Boards could work together.  We talked about making a COVID Committee for the Fair, where they would be at the fair making sure people followed the COVID Safety Precautions by wearing masks and hand sanitizing. Extension Board-no report at this time.  Extension Educator-Joan Grott stated we have a new weekly blog that will go out every Friday.  You can get the blog on line and even pull up blogs from weeks past.  If you are interested in posting about your club on the blog contact Angel with your information.  Joan also talked about our county being in BLUE now.  We will now be able to have gatherings of 50 people but COVID precautions are still needed.  Clubs have the option of going Virtual or in person now but has to be ok’d through Purdue on how you will provide the COVID precautions.  The 4-H Camp will be in person.  It will be changed to being a Day Camp with no overnight camping.  Campers will be participating in mostly outdoor activities.  The STEM at Home with Charlie is still going on and you can pickup your supplies for project at the 4-H office. During the Fair this year the 2020 Ambassadors, Junior Ambassadors and Rising Stars will have the option of doing their duties at the 2021 fair.  All leaders need to turn in their Financial Reports which show their clubs beginning bank balance and the ending balance for 2020 ASAP to the 4-H Office.   Joan gave Council members a homework assignment to go over the present 4-H Scholarships then give your input of either keeping the same or increasing the amount of the Scholarships.  A motion was made by Meagan Ferguson to accept the Extension Educator’s Report.  Justin Higer seconded the motion.  MOTION PASSED

Committee Reports-Executive has none at this time.  Awards has none at this time.  Budget-none at this time.  Constitution-none at this time.  Nominating-none at this time.  Rules-Follow COVID Regulations,  Handbooks from last year still good this year.  Ways and  Means-Geranium- Sale going on now.  Clover Café- We have no idea how it will be run this year. Mums-has none at this time.  Wreaths-has none at this time.  Adult Leaders-has none at this time.  Lisa Teal made the motion to approve the Committee Reports with Ethan Lucas seconded the motion.  MOTION PASSED

Unfinished Business-none at this time

New Business-none at this time

Ethan Lucas made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 pm with Teddy Hough to second motion.  MOTION PASSED

Respectfully yours,

Sandi Russell

Porter County 4-H Council Secretary