Sheep Royale Class

Participate in the Sheep Project’s Royale Class! In this class, lambs are purchased from the same producer at nearly the same weight and age, giving all exhibitors the same starting point. The grown lamb exhibited at the fair is then a true result of how well the members feed, exercise, and manage their animal!

For the competition, rate-of-gain, placing in the live show, and placing on the rail factor into the final results of the class. Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Royale lambs sell in the Celebration Sale and remaining animals sell privately as carcass lambs.

Royale lambs will cost $300 each and must be picked up at the fairgrounds on May 1. Animals will also need to participate in Sheep ID Day on May 8. If you have questions or would like to reserve your Royale Lamb, please contact Superintendent Dan Johnson at 312-273-0094.