Geranium Sale

It’s that time of year again for the Geranium sale.

We will be selling as last year, full flat (18 plants) or half flat (9 plats) per color. Full flats are $24.30 and half flats are 12.50 each.

Hanging baskets are $15.50. Please let your customers know they will be with vinca vines or spike.  We have no control of which ones have what in them and we will make sure each order has a variety of both.

The 4-H Council has decided to award the top five sellers with the following prizes. First- $20 fair food tokens, Second- $15 fair food tokens, Third- $10 fair food tokens, Fourth- $10 fair food tokens, Fifth- $10 fair food tokens. All five winners will also receive a free one day ride pass for the day of their choice. So on your mark, get set, SELL! All order forms and collected money needs to be turned in by Friday, April 23, 4:30 PM.

Pick up will be in the Cattle Barn this year since COVID testing and vaccines are going on in the Expo Center and 4-H building. Please pick up your order in full and do not have individuals from your order pick up just their part. This is too confusing and hard to keep track of. You can have them meet you at the Fairgrounds to pick up with you or fill out an order form with just their name on it. We will have you verify and sign a copy of your order form at pick up.

We will update this article when we have the online ordering site up and running!