Lakeshore Drifters Meeting Minutes

The April meeting was held on Monday, April 10. It started at 6:36 at Hawthorne Park. The American flag was done by a new member. The 4-H pledge was done by Luke. Recreation was done by Luke and we did a bouncy ball relay . Health and safety was done by Oscar talking about 911 and the first aid kit . Junior Leaders report by Genene E. Old business was about an egg hunt and a library clean up this month. New business, there is going to be geraniums sale and a car show  at Porter County Expo Center . Bring ideas for next year’s community service projects to the next meeting . Upcoming events are a beach cleaning up day on the 16th of this month.  Don’t forget to buy geraniums. The meeting was ended at 7:46.

Submitted by Elise Engels