Porter County 4-H Council Meeting

Porter County Expo Center Upstairs

215 East Division Road

Valparaiso, IN  46383

March 21, 2023

Attendance:  Officers-Tammy Cox                  President                     Morgan Hustling Hoosiers

           Meagan Ferguson        Vice President            Discovery Trackers

           Rachel Jackson             Treasurer                    Center Wildcats

           Sandi Russell                 Secretary                    Liberty Sunsetters  

                                        Jeff Russell                     Bookkeeper               Liberty Sunsetters

                       Annetta Jones                Interim Extension Educator

          Others- Heather Compton          Adult Leader              Jackson Volunteers

                                       Audrey May Ferguson   Youth Rep/Jr L         Discovery Trackers

                                      Kaden Ferguson              Youth Rep                 Discovery Trackers

                                       Justin Higer                      At Large                   

                                       Cinda Hough                    Adult Rep                  Center Homesteaders

                                      Teddy Hough                    Youth Rep/Jr L         Center Homesteaders

                                       Judith Jackson                Youth Rep                 Center Wildcats

                                     Deb Kessler (Lauren)      Youth Rep                 Center Wildcats

                                      Scott Krzyzanowski        Rabbit Supt

                                      Shelia Lucas Shooting Sports Supt

                                      Angela McGlothlen          Leader Rep               Hebron Boone Busters

                                      Laura Odom                        Adult Rep                 Morgan Hustling Hoosiers

                                      Maya Odom                        Youth Rep                Morgan Hustling Hoosiers

                                      Amber O’Rourke                Adult Rep                Washington Wiz Kids

                                     Hailey O’Rourke                 Youth Rep               Washington Wiz Kids

                                     Trent O’Rourke                   Youth Rep               Washington Wiz Kids

                                     Christi Otey                          Adult Rep                 Morgan Hustling Hoosiers

                                     Shiloh Otey                           Youth Rep                Morgan Hustling Hoosiers

                                     Kyle Russell                         Adult Leader           Liberty Sunsetters

                                      Ryen Schilmiller                Adult Rep                  Hebron Boone Busters

                                   Lisa Teel                               Adult Leader            Center Wildcats

                                      Kathy Wilder                        Adult Rep                  Liberty Hot Shots

Meeting Called to Order at 7:02 PM by Tammy Cox, President


Pledges were led by Maya Odom American Pledge and Kathy Wilder 4-H Pledge

Agenda Approval:  Kathy Wilder would like to add about an event that will be taking place at Chellberg Farms in September.  A motion to accept Agenda Approvals was made by Angela McGlothlen.  It was seconded by Lisa Teel.  MOTION PASSED

Secretary Report:  Minutes from the November 23, 2022 and January 17, 2023 were approved.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Kathy Wilder.  It was seconded by Angela McGlothlen.  MOTION PASSED

Treasurer Report:  Treasurer Report was presented by Rachel Jackson and Jeff Russell.  They discussed the budget.  A motion to accept the Treasurer Report was made by Ryen Schilmiller.  It was seconded by Christi Otey.  MOTION PASSED


Junior Leaders:  Audrey Mae Ferguson reported that the Junior Leaders on February 7 made Valentine Cards for the Nursing Home.  On March 7 they discussed about their plans for a Micro Pantry for non perishable foods.  They have not decided on a location yet.  They are hoping to get the 4-H clubs to help with the pantry.  A club could volunteer for a month and then let the Junior Leaders know what needs to be restocked.  The Junior Leaders are still looking for members.  If you are in grades 7-12 consider coming to their meeting  on the 1st Tuesday in April and see what they do.

Ag Society/Fair Board:  They met last Thursday, March 16.  They put together a Draft Copy of the 2023 Porter County Pre Fair and Fair 4-H Schedule.  They are making a lot of improvements to the fairgrounds.  Scott Krzyzanowski gave a brief summary of the meeting.

Extension Board/Extension Educator:  Annetta Jones spoke about the livestock members need to complete the YQCA on line or the Indiana Quality Livestock Care Program.  She gave dates, times, and cost of the programs.  She then discussed about scholarships, 4-H trips and 4-H Camp.  Members going to Purdue trips will be given $200 from the Council for trip.  The Council will give $2000 for the LaPorte/Porter Camp.  Members are to pay $140 to attend the camp.   A motion was made to accept the Extension Reports by Lisa Teel.  It was seconded by Laura Odom.  MOTION PASSED


Executive:  They had their meeting before the regular meeting.  They want to make an inventory list of   items purchased by the Council and where they are today.

Awards:  Letters will be sent to seniors about applying for scholarships in April.

Budget:  none

Constitution:  Meagan Ferguson updated THE BYLAWS and we will go over them in New Business.

Rules:  They will meet in the fall.

Ways and Means:  Geraniums-We will be having the Geranium Sales.  Watch the Blog for more details and a flier.

                                   Wreaths-none at this time.

A motion was made to accept Committee Reports by Deb Kessler.  It was seconded by Maya Odom.  MOTION PASSED


The livestock scale to be purchased for Dairy/Cattle was dropped.  Mr. Don Bloom stated there is nothing wrong with the scale they have.  He said it worked well at weigh in.

It was decided that we would need 50 Display Cases. We need to find a place to store the cases if we purchase any new ones.  Angela McGlothlen wondered if the displayed cases Justin Higer has presented to the Council would be assembled or would we have to assemble them.  She is also concerned that if we get ones that are too cheap they will just fall apart.  Mrs. McGlothlen also showed concern for storage of the new cases.  Kathy Wilder stated that maybe we purchase half now and see how they are and figure where and how they can be store.  Lisa Teel, Angela McGlothlen and Kathy Wilder brought up several storage ideas they had.  Christi Otey made a suggestion that maybe we purchase some and see how they are before we purchase them all.  Scott Krzyzanowski suggested maybe order 10 cases and see how they are.  Then order 10 cases at a time.  A motion was made by Kathy Wilder to purchase 10 new cases.  It was seconded by Lisa Teel.    We decided to wait for Justin Higer to get pictures then all who were in attendance at this meeting will get an email to vote on what you think about ordering Display Cases at this time.

4-H Building Paint Project has started.  Painting has started in the 4-H Building.  The Council had been waiting to receive an estimate on the cost of the paint which we ok’d to pay.  Instead we received a bill from Fair Board for Primer, Paint and Labor & Supplies.  Tammy Cox is going to talk to them because we only approved paying Primer and Paint.  A motion was made to table the discussion on the painting until we get more information from the Fair Board about the Council’s payment and Unfinished Business from Ryen Schilmiller.  It was seconded by Angela McGlothlen.  MOTION PASSED


End of Summer Dance/Party:  Date is now for the last Saturday in August.  The problem with holding the dance/party at this time is our seniors are not able to participate since they are getting ready for college.  We would like to talk more about revamping this so our seniors can attend.

Geranium Sales:  Bookkeeper, Jeff Russell, stated that this year the Geranium Sales is going to be slightly different from previous years.  There will be online order form.  All orders will be prepaid before pickup.  You will be allowed to pay be check or if you are paying on line with a credit card there will be a $3 processing fee.  Checks are to be made to Porter County 4-H Council.  Send checks to the 4-H Office with envelopes addresses 4-H Council 2023 Geranium Sales. You have till April 12 to pay by check or April 15 on line.  Pickup will be Mother’s Day weekend.  Ellie Gorski will be the chairperson for the Geranium Sales.  There will be 3 color choices this year.  They are Red, Pink/Purple and Salmon/Coral.  The hanging pots with have either vinca vine or spikes.  You can order full or half flats of the same color.  

Event at Chellberg Farm:  Kathy Wilder brought up that the National Park is looking for persons to volunteer or have an organization have a booth at the event.  It will be held 3rd week of September2023.  If you are interested talk to Kathy Wilder for more information.

Committee Assignments:  Tammy Cox has the Committee Assignments done.  Please check the sheet to see which Committee you are on.

Bylaws:  Meagan Ferguson went over the updated Bylaws.  A copy was given to all that attended this meeting.  Christi Otey said “Thank you” to Meagan Ferguson for all the work she did to update the Bylaws.  A motion was made to accept New Business and Bylaws by Angela McGlothlen.  It was seconded by Kathy Wilder.  MOTION PASSED

Making the Best Better:  Shelia Lucas and her husband, Andrew are willing to help update the 4-H Building shelving.  Kathy Wilder stated that where the Shooting Sports Project may have a need for wider shelves on the wall where their projects are displayed.  It was decided to make the walls the same but on the West wall to make them slightly wider.  Photography Project area will need to have the fishline put back up.  Mr. Lucas can contact Mr. Yeager if paint is needed.  A motion was made by Lisa Teel to give Mr. Mrs. Lucas $500 to redo shelves, making them wide enough to hold Shooting Sports Projects as well as Photography Project.  It was seconded by Kathy Wilder.  MOTION PASSED

Justin Higer stated that Martha Sharp contacted him and she has some tall bookcase style cabinets.  They have no shelves or doors.  The Council advised Mr. Higer to tell Mrs. Sharp that we will take them.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting b y Maya Odom.  It was seconded by Deb Kessler.  MOTION PASSED

Meeting Adjourned at 8:27 PM

Next Meeting is May 16, 2023 at 7 PM.  Location TBA

Submitted by,

Sandi Russell

4-H Council Secretary