Sewing Project Information

Next Wednesday, July 13th, a Fashion Review workshop will be held at the Expo Center at 6:30 pm.  This will be an opportunity to hear how the day will run and what to expect as well as an opportunity to practice modelling on stage.  All those thinking about participating in Fashion Review are encouraged to attend.  You do not need to bring your completed project, but may bring your shoes if you are wearing heels or special shoes and would like to practice in them prior to judging.  

Judging for all sewing projects will take place on July 15th.  All sewing projects must be turned in on this date.  Check-in starts around 8:00, and judging will begin at 8:45.  Junior and Senior Divisions will be both judged in the morning.  The time of your specific category will depend on the pace of the judging.  Fashion Review judging order will be as follows:  Dress-up, Division 1 (Grade 3), Suits and coats, Division 2 (Grade 4) Formal Wear, Division 3 (Grade 5), Free Choice, Division 4  (Grade 6), Casualwear, Division 5  (Grade 7), Separates.  Construction judging will start with Nonwearables then each category will follow as they complete Fashion Review Judging.  Members are encouraged to watch all categories to learn from and encourage one another.

Please contact Lara Werner with any further questions.  219 477-7522