Photography Workshop

Saturday, June 25, is the last Photo Shoot.  It will be “Stop Action” and is at my house at 9 am.  

Workshop for learning to judge your own photos:

Next week, June 27 to July 1, I have a time scheduled each day.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday sessions are at 9 am in my garage.  Thursday and Friday sessions are at 2 pm, probably at the kitchen island.  Pick the one that works best for you and either email me: or call 219-462-3492.

If none of these times work for you, please let me know of a better time.

The 4-H Office has the black foam core and plastic envelope for the exhibits.  I do also.  The price is $6.  I will have cut card stock for framing your photos, and numbers.

When you go online to register your exhibit, please register for all 4 photography exhibit possibilities, even though you may only plan to exhibit one or two.  You do not need to provide a description of the photos, just say “one color salon print”, or “board of 10 black and white photos.”

If you need help, or weren’t able to attend any photo shoots, please let me know.

Mrs. Hewlett, Photography Superintendent