Rabbit Project Workshops

Please mark your calendar with the following workshop dates. All workshops will be at 2:00 pm in the 4-H building (north side) at the Fair Grounds.

Sunday, February 6Welcome to the Rabbit Project.  Come learn what is new for this year.

Sunday, February 27What to Look for in a 4-H Show Rabbit. Come learn more about breeds that interest you and what to look for when purchasing your rabbits. *If you plan to show Doe and Litter, Meat Pen, or Carcass, you must attend this meeting to qualify for showing in those classes.*

Sunday, April 3How to Handle and Care for your Rabbit.  Learn about rabbit husbandry and how to keep your bunny happy and healthy.

Sunday, May 1Show Practice: Handling and Fault Checking. Bring your rabbit to practice handling or if you have any rabbits that need tattoos

Sunday, June 5What to Expect at the Rabbit Show During the Fair.  Bring your questions and concerns.  We will walk you through from Barn Setup to Teardown.