Controversial Topics 4-H Spark Club

How do we begin to make sense of what is going on in the world?

There is a lot going on in the world. With so much information available to us sometimes it is difficult to know if what we are reading is based in fact, half-truths, propaganda, or opinion. Social media and the 24-hour news cycle also provide an opportunity for people to discuss and develop opinions on topics that haven’t always been discussed so openly in the past. It can be a lot to wrap one’s head around!

The Controversial Topics SPARK Club* is an opportunity for high school students to learn about how to discern what they read from news and commentary, explore different angles of relevant topics, and discuss the topics in a respectful manner. The club will meet over Zoom on Mondays from January 31-March 7 at 7 pm EST/6 pm CST.

Please register by January 24 through your 4-H Online profile by clicking on the notice at the bottom of your member page, or look under the Events menu.

What is a SPARK Club? SPARK clubs are special interest groups designed to “spark” a new interest and focus on a single topic that is likely different from your typical 4-H projects. These clubs include at least a total of six hours of instructional time.