Jr. Leader Update – Portfolio Deadline

Dear Junior Leaders:

Thanks to all who helped out around the fair this year. Your volunteerism truly made a difference to 4-H members, families, volunteers, and staff!! And I commend you on all the hard work you put into fair time… doing your exhibits, helping others, and being a spokesperson for 4-H when interacting with fairgoers!

As we’ve discussed at prior JL meetings, the Portfolio that you turn in is up to you… do the bare minimum for completion, or go above and beyond for the opportunity to earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze status in the incentive level system. We’ve also discussed previously, that you should just do your best, and when your advisors review your submissions, we will most definitely take into account the struggles of the past year and a half when we determine your final Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Completion status. Be honest, and we’ll be accommodating!

Also, there are some reflection questions in the manual that on a good year, we’d want you to be doing throughout the year and discuss with us. However, for this year, do those, but don’t worry if you don’t have an advisor signature on those pages. 

You can download the manual/portfolio at http://bit.ly/PorterCo4HJL. Today should have been the due date, but due to me not reminding you, I’m going to extend that deadline until Monday, August 16th, since I’m taking some time off until then anyhow! 🙂 

I’ve also had some questions about filling out a fillable Adobe PDF form… you can always just print the manual, complete by hand and turn in that way and/or scan it and return it to me (joangrott@purdue.edu) – OR – you may need to download a PDF filler app. Another tip I’ve learned is that you’ll need to download the file and save it somewhere… if you fill it out in a browser window, it will not save.

I know many of you use Google Drive/Docs for school, so here’s a link I found to information that may be helpful to you in finding out the best way for you to conquer a fillable PDF form: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/9463834?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&oco=0

Thanks again for being awesome, and for a good year… all things considered. Let’s make 2021-22 even more AWESOME!


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