Dairy Project News

1. Reminder – June Culver Dairy Days are at the Portage location this year on the 19th and 20th from 11:00 to 3:00.  We ask that kids take a 2-hour time slot to come out and promote Indiana Dairy and our 4-H Dairy project.

2. Barn setup will be July 10th. Please watch for further information.

3. Fair entry will be opening soon. If you have cows or heifers and need a class list please reach out to Amber Cable through email.  Finished and feeder steers have no class listings besides feeder or finished, weights determine classes.

4. We have a workshop in the works. As we get more information we will get it out to you. Bentley, a former 4-H Dairy project member and now an Ag student at Purdue, will be highlighting the differences between showing a steer, a heifer, and a cow.  This is geared more towards our first year/new members, but it doesn’t hurt if older members want to attend as there will be tips and pointers for them offer as well.

Amber Cable awilson794@gmail.com