Update on COVID Protocols for Non-Fair In-Person Gatherings

UPDATED 05/26/2021:

Effective June 1st, the following protocols are in place for non-fair Porter County 4-H meetings and workshops and were developed after reviewing current State of Indiana, Porter County, and Purdue University guidance. The following protocols will take effect on June 1st and remain in place indefinitely.

  1. Maximum Attendance: The maximum attendance for our non-fair Porter County 4-H in-person events will increase to 100. For indoor events, the venue size must be factored in when considering how many individuals you may have attend a gathering to ensure adequate social distancing.
  2. Social Distancing & Face Coverings: In alignment with Porter County government guidelines, the following will be effective June 1st and be in place indefinitely for all non-fair meetings and workshops.
    1. Six feet of distance between individuals from different households is encouraged.
    2. Face coverings will be optional for those who are fully vaccinated (two weeks after the final dose in a vaccine series).
    3. Face coverings will be highly recommended for those who are not fully vaccinated.
    4. These social distancing and face covering guidelines are in concert with current Porter County Government protocols that apply to government-owned facilities such as the Porter County Fairgrounds. Other venues used by 4-H groups may enforce stricter safety procedures. In those cases, the venue’s procedures must be followed.
  3. Volunteers: Safety Plans no longer required for OUTDOOR events, still required for INDOOR events. Purdue Extension and 4-H gatherings held outdoors no longer require a safety plan to be filed. Indoor events or indoor portions of indoor/outdoor events must have an approved COVID-19 Event Safety Plan on file in the office of the Director of Extension in the College of Agriculture. These plans must be submitted by the 4-H Educator and approved at least three weeks prior to the gathering. To complete your safety plan, please see the addendum below.

Anticipated Social Distancing & Face Covering Protocols for Porter County Fair: At present time, the Porter County Health Department, in cooperation with the County Commissioners and Fairgrounds/Expo Center Management has stated that there will be no restrictions regarding social distancing or face coverings at the 2021 Porter County Fair. Please note that this is subject to change.


To complete your safety plan, please provide the following information to Joan via email at joangrott@purdue.edu. Event date(s), name, description, and expected number of attendees

  • Location/venue and venue size (square feet)
  • How will social distancing of six feet be maintained?
    • Describe seating arrangements and check-in tables
    • Describe use of face coverings and line spacing as people enter and move about in general areas.
  • Information on cleaning/sanitation protocols during the event
    • Who is responsible?
    • Include information on sanitation of shared “interactive” elements (i.e., pens/pencils, microphones, A/V equipment, etc.)
    • Describe the availability of hand sanitizers and disinfectants for use during the event.
  • Communication/Signage
    • How will COVID-19 safety procedures be distributed to attendees?
    • Describe signage to be used at event to provide guidance to attendees.
  • Staffing/Volunteer Roles
    • How will health screenings of volunteer staff be facilitated (i.e., temperature check and symptom surveys)?
    • Provide information on who will be responsible for cleaning/sanitation
  • Attendance/Check-in
    • How will attendance be collected, if at all?
    • What will be the procedure if anyone displays symptoms of COVID-19 during the event?
  • Food/beverage
    • Provide information regarding food and beverage service during event.