Model Bridge News

Our workshops will be different from normal this year due to everything Covid has changed.

We will have a beginner’s workshop like always, but NOT an advanced workshop.

The beginner’s workshop is REQUIRED for 5th graders and strongly recommended if this is your FIRST YEAR IN THE PROJECT in any grade.

Most veteran members have already taken the advanced workshop but some have not.  If you would like a “mini” advanced workshop, please join the beginners workshop at 3:00 PM and I’ll cover the main points about “advanced” (triangle) designs and answer your questions.

Beginners Workshop – Model Bridges

2:00-4:00 Saturday, June 5th in Mrs. Hewlett’s garage.

3058 S. Sturdy Rd. (1 mile south of the Valpo WalMart, at the corner with Meadow Glen Dr, just north of Division Rd).

Please contact me with any questions.

Lou Donkle

Superintendent – Model Bridges