Porter County 4-H Buddies Program

Would you like to be paired with a 4-H mentor? Would you like to be a 4-H mentor?

Our Junior Leaders are launching the Porter County 4-H Buddies Program, which will pair knowledgeable 4-Hers with 4-Hers of all age levels who could use some assistance navigating the often-confusing world of 4-H and the Porter County Fair!! 

Following are some key details:

  • We will pair mentors with 4-Hers who request a mentor. Members in grades K-12th are invited to request a mentor and members in 7th-12th who are in at least their fourth year in 4-H are invited to serve as mentors. (You do not need to be in Junior Leaders to serve as a mentor.)
  • Mentors will reach out to their buddy weekly leading up to fair time. Mentors will check in with their buddies, ask them if they have questions, and make them feel welcome in the 4-H program.
  • The June 21st, 6:00 pm Junior Leader meeting will be transformed into a fun and games field day for the 4-H Buddies program. All mentors and buddies will be invited for fun and games with all the mentors. If you are a mentor, you will attend that function. (Further event details will be emailed directly to those who sign up for 4-H Buddies by June 7th.)
  • The season will commence with an ice cream social at the fair (date/time TBD). If you are a mentor, you will attend that function.
  • Mentors may be asked to help plan the fun and games field day and the ice cream social.
  • While 4-H Buddies sign-up will remain open until the end of June, sign-up by June 7th to be paired with a mentor in time for our June 21st kick-off event!
  • Potential mentors: Please do not sign up if you cannot promise to achieve the above-listed expectations.

Potential mentors: Already mentoring a 4-Her either informally or through Mini 4-H Showmanship? Why not make it official and get invited to our fun events by signing both of you up for the 4-H Buddies program? The mentor form includes a place where you can name a buddy you’d like to be paired with, but make sure they fill out a form for us too (or you fill it out for them).

Mentor Form for 7th-12th Graders: If you can commit to the above expectations, fill out the mentor form NOW at http://bit.ly/2021MentorForm.

Mentor Request Form for K-12th Graders: If you have a buddy in mind, have them sign up with this link: http://bit.ly/2021BuddyRequest

Questions? Contact 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator Joan Grott at joangrott@purdue.edu.