All-New Elite Opportunity! Indiana 4-H Ambassador Program

This is an all-new prestigious statewide leadership opportunity for 4-Hers in grades 8-11, that would look great in your Jr. Leader portfolio, and on future applications and resumes for various awards and positions outside of 4-H! I hope many of you will apply, as we would love to see Porter County represented among the first-ever group of Indiana 4-H Ambassadors!

The mission of the Indiana 4-H Ambassador program is to empower teen 4-H leaders with the knowledge, skills, and aspirations necessary to be effective advocates for the Indiana 4-H program. Those selected to serve as Ambassadors will:

  • Promote 4-H with potential members, parents, and the general public 
  • Help conduct statewide 4-H events 
  • Organize 4-H promotional activities 
  • Represent 4-H in a public relations role with community partners and sponsors 
  • Develop personal leadership skill and self-confidence 
  • Develop and/or enhance skills related to leadership such as conflict resolution, facilitation, teamwork, decision-making, respect, and communication 
  • Accept and incorporate constructive criticism to enhance skills 
  • Explore and apply diverse concepts of civic engagement 
  • Teach others, facilitate discussions, and public speaking 

To apply, 4-Hers must submit a short application and video by June 1st:

Video Submission –