Get Moving With Porter County 4-H Moves

I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service, and my HEALTH to better living…

Porter County 4-H Moves is a 4-H Spark Club* designed to encourage the fourth ‘H’ of healthy living.  A place for encouragement, goal setting, and accountability.  There is also a group page to discuss your triumphs as well as seek out encouragement as well as to encourage others! Set goals for any fitness level age & experience and earn a reward at the end of the program. It’s never too late to start getting healthier and stronger!

Learn more and sign up at

*Indiana 4-H Spark Clubs are short-term special interest programs designed to “spark” youths’ interest in a topic/subject matter area. Are you an adult who is passionate about a certain topic? Contact and volunteer to lead your own short-term 4-H program (remote/virtual or in-person).