4-H Club Leader Update: 4-H Manual Distribution

Greetings Club Leaders! We have stocked the shelves and are working to have manual orders ready by the end of February. We are going to try something new this year to help in the distribution process. Tentatively (will lock it in early next week), in the evening on February 23rd we’re going to offer a low-contact walk-up/drive-up manual pick-up at the Expo Center. Members will have to RSVP through a signupgenius.com site to let us know they plan to pick up that evening, so we don’t have to tote EVERYTHING to the Expo Center. Members can just walk up to the door to pick up, or we may even offer “curbside carry-out”. Then what isn’t picked up that evening would then be available to club leaders for local distribution. As we finalize details, please reach out to 4-H Operations Manager amleuck@purdue.edu with any questions about manuals. We will share more information next week once the plan is finalized.